Vista Smart + -595€

29 Avg Vista Smart + -595€

Operating Frequency 15,5 kHz +/- 50Hz
Detector type motion
Sensitivity control Yes
Volume control Yes
Iron Volume – two functions in one knob:Iron Volume+Silent discrimination
Manual Ground Balance Yes
Modes of operation DISC. Fjallraven Kanken No.2 Mode 2 Tone Mode (low tone for ferrous objects and high tone for non-ferrous objects) All Metal Mode
Recovery speed Very fast
Booster Yes
Pinpoint Yes
Searchcoil Type 2D
Searchcoil Size 11”
Cable Length (approx.) 51” ( 129 cm )
Audio Frequency (approx.) 484/242 Hz
Weight (with batteries ) (approx.)1400g.
Power Consumption (Without sound, Fjallraven Kanken Classic Booster OFF) 42 mA
Power Consumption (Without sound, nike air max 1 essential donna Booster ON) 55 mA
Power Consumption (Without sound,

Booster OFF, South Carolina Gamecocks Iron Volume on max.)

57 mA
Power Consumption (Without sound, John Elway Jerseys Booster ON,