Vista Smart + -595€

29 Avg Vista Smart + -595€

Operating Frequency 15,5 kHz +/- 50Hz
Detector type motion
Sensitivity control Yes
Volume control Yes
Iron Volume – two functions in one knob:Iron Volume+Silent discrimination
Manual Ground Balance Yes
Modes of operation DISC. Fjallraven Kanken No.2 Mode 2 Tone Mode (low tone for ferrous objects and high tone for non-ferrous objects) All Metal Mode
Recovery speed Very fast
Booster Yes
Pinpoint Yes
Searchcoil Type 2D
Searchcoil Size 11”
Cable Length (approx.) 51” ( 129 cm )
Audio Frequency (approx.) 484/242 Hz
Weight (with batteries ) (approx.)1400g.
Power Consumption (Without sound, Fjallraven Kanken Classic Booster OFF) 42 mA
Power Consumption (Without sound, nike air max 1 essential donna Booster ON) 55 mA
Power Consumption (Without sound,

Booster OFF, South Carolina Gamecocks Iron Volume on max.)

57 mA
Power Consumption (Without sound, John Elway Jerseys Booster ON,

Detektor Kovin