Makro Deephunter 3D Pro -5100€

19 Avg Makro Deephunter 3D Pro -5100€

Detektor kovin Makro Deephunter 3D pro.


SEARCH COILS T44 Coil (36x44cm) 14″ x 17.5″ Designed for general metal detecting in MOD 1.

The user can follow the results on the LCD screen located on the system box.

T100 Coil (60x100cm) 23.5″x39.5″ (Optional) An advanced search coil designed for MOD 1 for deeper ground penetration.  It can be carried by 2 persons and it comes with a separate control box and carrying bag.

C32 Coil (26x32cm) 23.5″x39.5″ Ideal for detecting coins and smaller objects. The detector will respond with audible warnings.  This coil can be used in MOD 2 only.

C47 Coil (39x47cm) 15.5″x18.5″ (Optional) Provides better depth and can only be used in MOD 2.

The detector will respond with audible warnings.