Makro Jeoscan 2D -2650€

19 Apr Makro Jeoscan 2D -2650€

Detektor kovin Makro Jeoscan 2D

T44 Search Coil T100 Search Coil (Optional)
Stem Lenght 90 – 150 cm
Weight 2600 gr 8450 gr
Search Coil 360×440 mm DD Coil 600×1000 mm DD Coil
Audio Output 2W 2W
Headphone Output 6.3mm + 3.5mm Adapter 6.3mm + 3.5mm Adapter
Transmission Sinusoidal Wave Sinusoidal Wave
Frequency 12-13 kHz 12-13 kHz
Operating System VLF VLF
Metal Discrimination Non Ferrous / Ferrous / Steel
Gold + Cavity Non Ferrous / Ferrous / Steel
Gold + Cavity
Election of Ferrous Yes Yes
Depth Detection Yes (2D Graphics) Yes (3D Graphics)
Audio Tones Polyphonic Polyphonic
Ground Balance Manual Manual
Sensitivity Adjustment Manual Manual
Noise Canceling Automatic Automatic
Threshold Automatic Automatic
Memory Ground Setting
Graphics Records (20) Ground Setting
Graphics Records (20)
Processor Arm 7 Arm 7
Battery Gauge Yes Yes
Battery Lithium Polymer Lithium Polymer
Battery Life 4 hours 4 hours

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